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Mark & Shauna Bardwell


Bardwells serve with Partners International to enable nationally-led ministries to share Christ and plant churches in the least Christian regions of the world. Partners International is a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God's people in the least Christian regions of the world.

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Marco & Sarah Baughman


Marcos & Sarah are serving with JAARS (Wycliffe Bible Translaters) in Brazil. After completing language study in the south of Brazil, Marcos will be serving as a pilot and mechanic for Wycliffe, helping to further the spread of the gospel by supporting the missionaries out in the field. Sarah hopes to eventually use her degree in education to teach missionary kids.

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Tom & Julie Bolser


Tom and Julie both grew up on the mission field. Tom received Christ at 6 while in a boarding school. Julie became a Christian at age 8 while living in Africa with her parents. In Papua, Tom is a pilot/mechanic with MAF. His main responsibilities include flying, serving as base manager of the Merauke Base, being involved in the routine maintenance of the airplane and determining daily flight schedules as well as some flight training. Besides being mother to her 4 children, Julie sees her role in Merauke to include developing & maintaining good relationships with MAF employees and their Indonesian neighbors.

Phil & Denise Campbell


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Dan & Kim Eyestone


Dan & Kim transitioned in 2014 from teaching at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines to serving with One Challenge's Global Research Team while based in Spokane, WA.  OC's research team collects and analyzes information to aid efforts worldwide in the mobilization of the body of Christ and in strategic planning in order to faithfully carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations.  The purpose of field research is to perceive what the Holy Spirit is doing and where He wants to lead the body of Christ, so we can cooperate with Him and be used by God in His harvest.

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FLAPS Moody Ministry


Moody, with the mission aviation community's partnership, is doing what it can to hold down the cost of training to students.  Some grant and scholarship funds are currently available through Moody Bible Institute, but not enough to significantly offset student costs for aviation program training.  It is with this in view that the FLAPS program was created.  FLAPS is funded by donations which allows students who successfully complete the application process to "borrow" funds for training costs during the final two, most costly years of the BS MAT program.  If the student begins serving with a mission within two years of graduation, the loaned funds begin to be "forgiven" at a monthly rate equal to a typical loan payment.  Should the student not begin missionary service, the loan becomes due and payable as a traditional low-interest loan.

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Bryce & Hilary Fonda


Bryce & Hilary were married July 9, 2016.  Both had been serving separately with different mission boards in Peru.  They now missionaries with South America Mission serving in ministry in the jungle with Bryce being an aviation mechanic and pilot and Hilary working in tribal ministry.

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Dave Gallaugher


Dave ministers primarily to pastors and worship team leaders in Spain.  His desire is that they will see the lives of all their people transformed through authentic worship encounters with God so that they will become progressively more vibrant evangelicals.

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Geoff & Connie Griffith


Geoff & Connie are involved in leadership development, both in the USA and overseas.  They are certified Life & Ministry Coaches with the International Coach Federation.  They are using these skills and their other training & experience in leadership development with SIM missionaries and indigenous church leaders in Africa, Asia & South America.  They are assisting SIM to expand into new areas where the least reached people are living.  They are licensed through Creative Results Management to lead "The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders," which God is using around the world.  Their passion is to "purposefully multiply."

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Prem & Rita James


Prem was born and brought up in a Christian home and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior in 1968 as a student in a college through the ministry of Intervarsity Fellowship.  Prem worked in FEBA Radio for 26 years as the Associate Director, helping coordinate broadcasts in 25 Indian languages.  Since 1998, he has been involved in developing partnerships among unreached people groups in South Asia.  Prem joined Partners International in 2004 and is currently working as the Area Director for South Asia, helping 26 indigenous ministries with whom PI relates to.  Rita was born and brought up in an orthodox Hindu family in North India.  She became a Christian in 1981 while working in a Christian school.  Rita had a passion to help children with special needs.  She started a school called "Asha Kiran" (meaning a ray of hope) in 1993.  Today, the school has more than 125 children and 42 staff and over the years many hundreds of children have been blessed by the school.

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Jon & Anita Lewis


Jon is involved in leadership coaching and partnership consulting to mission organizations and national ministry leaders in the developing world.  His travels to Africa and elsewhere allow him to provide one-on-one coaching, workshops on organizational development and stewardship, and customized consulting services to national Christian ministries that want to increase their outreach effectiveness.  Anita occasionally travels with Jon and has co-led workshops in Nigeria on ministry and marriage.  She also works as an administrative assistant at Whitworth University.

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Robert & Cindy McDowall


Robert & Cindy live and work in rural Northeastern Washington and North Idaho.  They do church planting, Christian camps, church encouragement and Bible studies.  They disciple people and minister to pastors and congregations.  Robert also serves as an area coordinator with In Faith, assisting the Field Director by keeping in contact, both in person and by telephone, with 11 In Faith missionaries, both active & retired, to encourage and pray with them.

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Steve & Jeanine Munter


Steve & Jeanine work directly with inmates with a primary emphasis on Bible studies and encouraging growth through evangelism and grounding in the Word.  They also conduct Sunday worship services at the jail facility.

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Mike & Robin Nash


Mike & Robin serve AIDS communities in South Africa through Two Tunics.  They partner with pastors, churches and community organizations sharing God's love and resources to help meet the needs created by AIDS and poverty in these communities.

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Adam & Amy Rapelje


Adam & Amy are working with NATIONS (CRU's ministry to Native Americans) at the University of Montana with  the compelling vision and hope to see first nation students honored and restored to Christ.  Along with that, they disciple and mentor believers, and encourage them to grow and mature in Christ.  Their hope is that as students graduate from the University of Montana, they would be sent out to the world as ambassadors for Christ, wherever God leads them! 

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Larry & Sarah Richardson


Larry & Sarah work in Bible translation with the Puinave tribe in Colombia.  As a secondary focus, they are establishing Puinave church leaders so they will function more effectively in all 3 of these areas:  1)  Evangelizing their own people;  2)  Establishing and Shepherding believers;  3)  Equipping them for service through teaching them the Word of God.  They spend most of their time translating the Scriptures and preparing Bible study helps so both church leaders and individual Puinave believers will have what they need to minister in those 3 areas.

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Michael & Jessica Richardson


Michael serves as the CLA consultant, helping newly arriving missionaries who are in National Culture/Language Acquisition as well as those who have moved to a village and are in CLA.  Jessica is the homeschool coordinator, helping support and provide resources to the families educating their children.

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Sawla Children's Home Ghana, Africa


In May of 2007, IAP began a children's home project in Northwestern Ghana.  The main goal of the project was to create safe housing for 36 children from four villages surrounding Sawla, Ghana, Africa.  The Sawla Children's Home has become a unique entity in the fact that it is totally supported from contributed funds from donors within the United States.  The home now houses 38 children ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old.  The children all have the opportunity to attend school, have regular meals and participate in a structured home life.  Some of the older children had not had an opportunity to attend school.  They have been tutored and some have been able to skip grades to accommodate their excelled learning ability.  Those who will be able to attend high school will now have an opportunity to do so.  Their teachers no longer consider them "orphans," but speak of them as "children from the children's home," "good students" and "role models for the other students."  

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Mike & Elise Schuerman


Mike & Elise serve with Proclaim Aviation Ministries.  Mike is teaching at Moody Aviation Maintenance Technical School in Spokane.

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Jim & Bev VanMersbergen


Jim & Bev work with AWANA in Central East Washington, North Idaho and North Central Oregon in helping churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ.  They go to churches and do AWANA presentations and basic training for AWANA leaders.