Adult Ministries

The purpose of Adult Ministries is to prepare, challenge and inspire men and women to a life of Christian discipleship.  It is Northview's desire and mission that every adult become a fulfilled disciple of Jesus Christ, and that each person will have a passion for Christian service, whether it is across the street or around the globe.


The College  group is made up men and women who have graduated from high school and are now pursuing degrees, careers or simply finding what the next step is in their life.   

 LEADER:  Nathan Kromer (440) 258-0560


The goal of the Men's Ministry is to develop men in Christian living to make a positive impact for this generation and those to come.  This is accomplished through Bible study, discipleship groups, leadership development, mentoring, retreats and special events.   

2018-2019 Men's Ministry Team: Matthew BestDavid Coffey, Alec ErbDavid Hara, Dao Nguyen, Michael Orr, Norm Schwab


Our priority is to gather women of all ages to study God's Word and grow together in their walks of life.     

2018-2019 Women's Ministry Team: Heather Holliday, Beth Nguyen, Theresa Parada, Shelene Rochelle, Andi Schaefer, Missy Tiffany, Erin Walsh, Jennie Wellman


This group is made up semi-retired and retired men and women who meet monthly on the first Monday to have lunch together.  The are a fun-loving, experienced group who are ready to serve each other and our church.       


LIFE Groups are an integral aspect of our church fellowship. These groups meet in homes on various nights of the week. They are open to everyone and emphasize worship, applicational Bible study and prayer while at the same time providing opportunities to serve and build meaningful relationships.

adult education

A Place to learn about God
A Place to grow as a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ
A place to meet new people and build relationships
A place to pray and study God's Word together

For more information, contact Pastor David Hara.
(509) 466-1770, ext. 310