Women's Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Every Wednesday, from 01/10/2018 to 02/21/2018, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Northview Bible Church, 13521 N. Mill Road, Spokane, WA US 99208

Understanding Peter: A Study of the Gospels of Acts Through Peter's Eyes
Facilitated by Jenny Kaluza
This study is for the young women of our church whether you are in college, career or busy wrestling kids at home. Understanding Peter is a seven-week class that will follow Peter through the Gospels and Acts. We will learn how Jesus' influence in Peter's life completely transformed him. We will also study Jewish culture, and learn about the beginnings and trials of the early church. There is no homework for this class so you can come just as you are. Attending this class will provide you with some great context for the study of 1 and 2 Peter in the Spring, but each study stand on its own.

The Good and Beautiful Life: Putting On the Character of Christ
Facilitated by Jena Coffey
This is a continuation of The Good and Beautiful God class we started in September. While the first book helped us learn to align our beliefs with  Jesus' beliefs about the character of God, this second book focuses on replacing false narratives regarding happiness, success, and life in the kingdom of God. There is space for a few more to join the class, but advance reading will be required. 
(A study of the book by James Bryan Smith)
This study begins January 24 and will continue for 15 weeks.

Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God by Margaret Feinberg
Facilitated by Becky Soth
Isaiah 29:4 records God's desire for you: "Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder."
No matter who you are or where you've been - if you've lived a life where you've seen it all, done it all, or feel like you're past it all - God still longs to take your breath away. Author Margaret Feinberg invites us to toss back the covers and climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life, to unearth the extraordinary moments in every day life, recognize the presence of God in the midst of routine, and discover peace in knowing you're wildly loved. Wonderstruck will inspire you to fall in love anew with God.
DVD lessons and discussion: Light homework. 5 days/20 minutes or less

Galatians - Who Has Bewitched You? Why and How?
(Precept Workbook - NASB)
Facilitated by Carol Underwood
As the gospel spread across the Roman world in the first decades after Jesus' earthly ministry, conflict arose. Jews and Gentiles were believing the gospel, and a struggle over what it meant to be a Christian began. What does it mean to live under grace? Do you have to keep the Law to be a Christian? All of it or just part of it? Who is right? How will we know?
God used an apostle to write a letter to some churches that were struggling with the issue, a letter that still speaks today. Its message clearly defines the relationship between Law and grace, and how Christians live under grace, led by the Spirit, free from bondage.
Books available in the church office for $15.75

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