College Summer Trip

June 23-29

Join Northview's College and Career Group on a Summer Ministry Trip. The cost will be 50$ a person and must register before April 1. 

It’s about loving God and loving people.  He created us for a relationship with Him and with others.  So, we’re going to a remote area where we team with a local church in Ontario Oregon in telling the young people of their community about Jesus and His love for them.  And, while serving together, we grow in our own relationships together – learning to love each other more too.

As a group, we will be carrying out Vacation Bible Schools. If you are on a VBS team, you will need to learn Bible lessons to teach the kids, learn and teach crafts, learn and teach games, learn and teach songs, learn how to share Christ.  Some of you will practice and share skits, practice and share puppetry.

Contact Pastor Alton (509.742.0545) or Mike Schuerman (414.416.8671) for more information.

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